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Seattle’s Downtown Activation Plan

Welcome! "Downtown is you" is an invitation for residents, business owners, employers, and community members to engage with Mayor Bruce Harrell’s Downtown Activation Plan, and dream about the future of Downtown Seattle.  On this site, you can learn more about actions the City is taking now, give your feedback, and share ideas on how we can create a new vision for the heart of our city together.

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If you’re interested in the Downtown Activation Plan and progress made so far, click below to download the Executive Summary, Full Plan, or 2023 Progress Report.

What people are saying

The Seattle Times
Businesses are making big bets in Downtown Seattle, despite it all.
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Uplift Northwest
Social Media
Our graffiti removal crew gave the Bergman Luggage Building a fresh look!
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An ‘Urban Innovation Lab’ in Seattle could spur entrepreneurship and boost Downtown revitalization.
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Office Of The Mayor
Mayor Bruce Harrell, Consul General of Japan honor Japanese history by unveiling commemorative plaque next to Downtown’s new cherry blossom trees.
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AP Diaz
Social Media
Today I got to hang out with the incredibly talented SEATTLE CENTER Director Marshall Foster as we embark on some “space needle” thinking to reimagine a more thriving and innovative City of Seattle Good things ahead! #OneSeattle Seattle Parks and Recreation City of Seattle.
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Belltown Resident
Community Engagement
“Seattle Restored is really good! Anything to fill storefronts, bring people Downtown, and give people a reason to come. People are actually going and enjoying.”
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Seattle Mayor Harrell signs legislation to advance the Downtown Activation Plan.
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Greg Spotts
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Weekend street pickleball post! Brought to you by Mayor Harrell’s Downtown Activation Plan.
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Business Owner
Community Engagement
“New mom and pop businesses are opening in Pioneer Square. There is energy here. How do we safeguard the culture of this space?” – Pioneer Square Business Owner
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The Registry
Seattle celebrates National Hispanic Heritage Month with new public art installations, mural Downtown.
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Downtown Resident
Community Engagement
“I like the centralization of so much transit Downtown. For example, the ferry rides to the islands are accessible from Downtown.” – Downtown Resident
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What’s on the site?

Downtown Seattle


See the bold action underway to stabilize Downtown and build toward a future that serves all of us
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Explore possibilities and ideas about the future of Downtown
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Public input

Hear from Seattleites on what they think about Downtown and learn how community input continues to shape the plan
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Why Downtown

Read Mayor Harrell's vision and why Downtown is critical to
our region
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Realizing a new future for Downtown Seattle

Seattle has a unique opportunity to reimagine Downtown and who Downtown is for. Seattle is working towards a different future that:

  • Fosters a sense of belonging, safety, and support
  • Is accessible to families with young children
  • Has affordable options for those on a budget
  • Is environmentally friendly, green, and beautiful
  • Allows small businesses to thrive and be successful
  • Is vibrant, active, and full of life

A Downtown that is YOU!

Creating an
equitable future

Revitalizing Downtown is an opportunity to create a more equitable future for Seattle. The Downtown Activation Plan was shaped by a set of values and principles detailed below.

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People first

The plan uses language that is relevant to real people and does not center the language of government or business. How we speak about the current state of Downtown and the future vision should be aligned with what real Seattleites want and center their needs.

Ambitious vision that takes a stand

Our vision for Downtown Seattle forms an opinion of who/what Downtown is for and takes a visionary approach consistent with the changing trends in downtowns nationally.

City scape of Seattle
People in Dragon Costume

Race, economic, and social justice

A plan that lives up to Seattle’s race and social justice values by centering underrepresented voices and Black, Indigenous, and other Seattleites of color in the design of the future of Downtown.

Resilience and climate justice

The plan will focus on actions that improve Downtown's air quality, address the impact climate change is having on Downtown, and plan for a more resilient, fossil fuel-free city.

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People with bikes

Humanity and safety

While acknowledging the challenges facing too many Downtown, we want to center people's humanity and ability to thrive. The plan will reflect the need for Downtown to be a safe place for all people.

Balanced timeline

Balance long-term transformation with quick wins now, prioritizing efforts intended to stabilize Downtown within three years and building momentum for sustainable change.

People at a cafe
Downtown Seattle


The plan needs to include measurable outcomes, clear timelines, and accountability to demonstrate an authentic commitment to achieving these goals.


Understanding that the future of Downtown requires all sectors to be committed and brought into the process. Engaging and involving government, nonprofits, the private sector, and community is critical.

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Downtown Activation Plan goals

Safety Icon. lines and circles in the shape of people.
Make Downtown safe and welcoming
home icon. Lines making an outline in the shape of a home.
Transform Downtown into a lively neighborhood where more people can afford to live
Lines in the shape of a shopping basket.
Create a unique Downtown retail experience
Geometric circles connected to rounded corner square.
Make Downtown a place where people want to work and that reflects the future of our economy
Music note icon
Celebrate Downtown Seattle’s arts, culture, sports, and entertainment
Icon in the shape of a location pin
Make Downtown a top destination for Seattleites and visitors year-round
Tree in front of a moutian icon.
Create a healthy, resilient, and green Downtown

Downtown is a rich collection of neighborhoods

“Downtown is the heart of the city – it pumps energy and life into every Neighborhood across the city and draws us in to celebrate what makes Seattle different, what makes us unique and yes, what makes us cool.” - Markham McIntyre, Director, Office of Economic Development

Click on a neighborhood below to learn more about what makes
Downtown unique.

Stadium District

Supports major sports, entertainment, retail gatherings, and events while maintaining the surrounding bustling industrial and maritime functions that are critical to our local and regional economy.

Chinatown-International District

The anchor of Seattle’s Asian community for over 100 years. A resilient community, rich in history and culture, committed to self-determination despite the continuing impacts of development, public policies, and other structural inequities.

Pioneer Square

Known as Seattle’s “first neighborhood” many are drawn to Pioneer Square for its historic architecture, King Street Station, and events like the First Thursday Art Walk. Filled with art studios, galleries, bars, cafes, restaurants, and Occidental Park.

Commercial Core

Includes the historic Pike Place Market, the oldest continuously operating farmers’ market in the country, the central waterfront, and attractions like the Seattle Art Museum, Benaroya Hall, the Seattle Central Library, and Westlake Center.

Denny Triangle

Stretches from the edge of the Downtown core to Seattle Center, next to the Pacific Science Center and Space Needle. Has many new high-rise residential buildings, hotels, and corporate offices that cater to residents and visitors.


A dense, urban neighborhood that is home to nightlife, local restaurants, and entertainment venues. Belltown is also home of the Olympic Sculpture Park and a large selection of human services that support people living in this neighborhood.

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